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Licenses for ECHA SCIP submissions depend on company or organization, and license costs annually can be expected to involve two to five users license costs. Send email or send a online help desk message for license cost specific to company.

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SCIP database related resources


The complete link to all SCIP resources as they evolve
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Submissions to the ECHA SCIP database involve understanding of the requirements. In a series of short clips, this page takes the user through the steps required for loading complex assemblies of thousands or millions of parts information to ECHA SCIP seamlessly.
Overview of the basic process and overall steps.
ECHA's SCIP basic information sheet.

The Referencing/Re-Use of SCIP numbers per ECHA and why it is a big deal is in this clip, this is explained as also the importance in the context of multilevel BOMs, flat BOMs and Article 33(a):
The details of Referencing/Reuse of SCIP numbers- ECHA presentation.
The details of Referencing/Reuse of SCIP numbers- short chat.
ECHA document on re-use of already submitted data
Multilevel BoMs-How to combine a linear 1752 with Bill of Complex Objects and Components- short chat.

The considerations of the data needed for a successful submission and taking the user through the steps starting with basic material declarations is done in this clip:
The details of the steps and supplementary data needed for submissions.

Direct and automated submissions (system to system S2S) using MRPRO(TM)- MRPRO(TM) enables the robust submission process after ensuring a smooth and seamless conversion process, and its well integrated, once you bring in the supplementary data. Here is an example, where MRPRO(tm) provides you with requisite warnings, so you can make all your submissions seamless by integrating data properly. .
S2S submissions-how Papros optimizes your submission even before you submit.

To prepare, get a S2S key from ECHA (first register using a site in Europe and then request a S2S key by following this:
Latest ECHA document on the S2S key
Getting the S2S key

Bulk automated submissions (system to system S2S) using MRPRO(TM)- This clip shows the final step after preparation for bulk dossier submissions.
Bulk S2S dossier submissions for advanced users-A discussion on being prepared and the final step.

In addition, here are host of ECHA and other links: | ECHA releases more details on the SCIP database. | ECHA's main SCIP resource page. | Papros offers direct conversions, uploads to SCIP | Papros offers IPC 1752 B | Papros offers AI platform for alternates analysis and success determination (and risk minimization) in supply chain netowrks | The Papros platform is the one used for Solution Provider Review for all 175x-1752, 1753 and 1754.. The login page for that.

Useful links: | Papros paradigm changing approach to supply chain | Papros Offers Free Product Material Declaration Viewing for Entire Supply Chain, Including for the family of IPC 175x | Receiving all your suppliers' data and running metrics on them

Other useful ECHA links: | Main ECHA page | | ECHA on supply chain communications and downstream users | | ECHA news page | | SVHC Candidate List Table | | ECHA Guidance on Substances in Articles updated | | ECHA Guidance on Use Description for Products |

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