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Status Updates in Using Web Data Stevedoring

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Login and usage, viewing of declarations, basic checking of data and certain other features are free for all users. To be associated with a company in order to submit or collect data will need a company account and a employment verification/authorization from the company. If client has a MRPRO(TM) paid license this will be free. To get authorization there will be a charge which can be as little as $25(US) or a maximum of $99 for complicated employment authorization. This verification will be done annually or earlier if an employee changes or terminates the job. Otherwise, apart from authorized uploaders, basic cost for company account will depend on number of users, but can range from $299 a year to $7995, a year (discounts are offered from time to time). All company users will be able to access all the advanced features.

Once verified/authorized an Access code will be provided. Then the user can upload the entire customer list as well all declarations whether CMRT or OIT (Open Industry Template for material declarations, created by Papros) or a Supply Chain Comprehensive Survey sheet (that allows for a complete survey of all supplier's parts) or an IEC or IPC declaration -links for all these formats or where to obtain them are given in the left section of this page at the very bottom. The customers can then obtain all the files that pertain to all suppliers of that customer only. Options of how the files are provided are given, including email a link to a zip file for download or web services posts for hundreds of thousands of files at a a time, which is by prior license arrangement including an extra fee. Read on more to come.

Among authorized users, companies can choose to use only one person as an authorized data submitter, and several other users to just view data. Relationships will follow normal modes of business, such as supply chain supplier-customer mapping will be associated with companies, and the end users are associated with companies, and thus can change their relationship if employees leave a company. Suppliers declare by uploading only once, and their entire customer base, and only their customer base, can access that data. This model thus provides ease, economics and efficiency in supply chain data bulk movements.

To send request for employment verification, please email user full name, name and address of company, employee ID, Company phone number, and name of contact person to shaka777@gmail.com
As noted above, the user will be notified upon approval to pay the invoice for employment verification. This can be paid by anyone of the following-user or the user's employer or the Supplier's (employer's) customer. Upon payment, Access codes will be sent. Till then user can use all features that do not need Access Code.

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IN THIS PAGE- - Web data Stevedoring | Frequently Encountered User Committed Errors

To send feedback or to contact, please email us at shaka777@gmail.com

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